Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Quick Tour of [Confidential Information]

This last week I started a new job at [oops, sorry, no, you're not allowed to know that information]. Spent just a small amount of time this morning wandering around [bleep] and the [bloop]. Because it was a Sunday and a service was being conducted, I wasn't able to go into the chapel; will save that for one evening after work this week, perhaps, as I understand the interior is equally stunning.

[oops, sorry, no, this entire question must be redacted]

The  [oops, sorry, no] is a popular spot for professional photographers. I have to admit to feeling wholly inadequate while carrying around my little HP Photosmart camera when every few minutes I would walk by someone setting up a complete camera system worth several times more than my car's current value.

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  1. Awesome news and what a beautiful place to work. Congrats!