Friday, February 26, 2010

Policy Change

Effective immediately, anyone who eats or chews gum while talking on the phone with me will be penalized. (That's right, Elliot from the Help Desk, I'm thinking about you, you lint-licker.) I can't at the moment say what form that penalty might take as that will largely depend up my mood at the time of the incident. Just know that the policy is now in place and that the penalty may be quite severe.

Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Why I've Never Been Able to Board the Pitchfork Bandwagon

I can't read Pitchfork reviews of this sort without wondering if the writer is serious or merely having us on:
Tarot Sport marks a comprehensive stylistic shift for Fuck Buttons-- from experimental noise to a sort of modernized electronic take on classic post-rock structures-- but also represents a subtler, more mature approach to songwriting and a sharpening of their craft.
I mean, really now, doesn't that read like something from Monty Python or Kids in the Hall?

As Paul Westerberg once commented, "And it's all a bunch of shit."