Friday, October 1, 2010

A Teachable Moment Regarding Irony

This story on how CNN anchor Rick Sanchez managed to get himself fired today following a radio interview he gave this morning is nearly killing me, it's so good.  In addition to the pathetic hilarity, there is the fact that this represents a true teachable moment for Farkers (since they're the ones who put me onto the story this evening), specifically those who for years have proven unable to understand the meaning of irony.

Really, how much more ironic can you get than this?  Sanchez goes on a radio show to complain about Stewart & Colbert making fun of him.  And why do they make fun of him?  Because they say he's a dimwit.  But in defending himself, he says such unbelievably stupid things (not to mention hateful & hurtful) that he gets himself fired for being so incredibly dimwitted.  Irony seldom reaches this level of perfection.

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