Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Reurgentification while still in its Googlenope phase

How is it that, according to a quick Google search, nobody has coined this term before now? It's the perfectly concise explanation for several recent changes in the priority of a particular work project that simply won't die.


"This needs to be your group's top priority. This project needs to be finished by end of the quarter, although earlier would be preferred."

"Actually, we won't need this until April of next year."

"Next April? Who told you next April? We need it ASAP!"

"Oh, never mind. We need to regroup and rework the requirements."

"Hey, can you redo this project and complete it by next week?"

"It's going to take that long and cost that much, huh? Well, no, forget it: we just don't have it in the budget."

"Great news! We worked out a new arrangement! So are you still on schedule to finish this by end of the day today?"


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