Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bestival? Really?

Bestival is a summer music festival held annually on the Isle of Wight. This summer will mark its sixth year and feature a bunch of bands and solo artists I've never heard of* or dislike**, with the exception of George Clinton and possibly The Breeders (it's been probably a decade since I last listened to them, so it's kinda hard to say, but Kim Deal is the man, ain't she?).

Beyond significant portions of the lineup, I'd never heard of the festival itself until tonight. And my first thought upon seeing the name was to assume some twisted joke about a gathering of animal lovers. No, I mean animal lovers. Which may or may not be commonly practiced at Bestival; if it is, it seems that relations with a pig (your own or your friend's or a total stranger pig... it's really not my concern... unless it happens to be my pig, I guess) or any other animal are not the festival's central focus.

Still, how can anybody not think about bestiality upon encountering any reference to Bestival?

*Thereby cementing my "cranky old guy" status

**Further cementing that whole curmudgeon1 thing

1aka, "asshole"

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