Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weird Weather and a Maintenance Complaint

It felt kinda strange to step outside my apartment on this early March day wearing shorts and a t-shirt, especially when the landing and steps in my building are still covered in rock salt thrown down by apartment maintenance when we had three inches of snow only five days ago.

Which leads me to my maintenance complaint. My apartment complex was sold to a different management company last summer. In the nine months since, they've made several improvements, but general building & grounds maintenance has not been one of them. When we got the six inches of snow back in January, it took two days before the steps and sidewalks were treated with salt... and they only treated one set of walkways but not the walk used by most. And then the salt just sat there. It was still there on the wood steps in my building last Sunday before this latest snow. And that might not be a problem, except these stairways have obviously never received any wood treatments: it had already seemed obvious that major work -- perhaps total replacement -- would one day be required since the wood was starting to get discolored and warped in some spots due to the weather. Allowing them to marinate in a salt bath for six weeks has done little to improve things. Maybe allowing them to soak for another six weeks will help reverse the damage.

I wonder if they'll pay to put me up in a hotel for two or three nights if I'm still living here when they have to tear out the stairways and replace them? Or, should maintenance be delayed a little longer than it ought ... hmm, let's see... ah yes, 308,000 hits on Google for the phrase "raleigh nc personal injury attorney" for this particular town. I should be covered.

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