Saturday, April 4, 2009

What the Hell Is This?

I stayed at an incredibly nice hotel Friday. But I admit to being somewhat perplexed by the bed. Take a look at the black and white pillow in these pictures. What purpose does this thing serve? In addition to being ridiculously big, the thing is rock hard, so it wouldn't make for a comfortable pillow. Its size also prevents it from being able to support your neck (unless you're got a seriously messed up cervical spine or you're looking to get one). Does anybody do anything with this except throw it on the floor before going to bed?

I was similarly confused by the greenish fabric you can just make out at the foot of the bed. What purpose does that small bit of fabric serve outside of surprising drunk people who try to pull it up thinking it is a blanket? Really, the only purpose it might have served is if I'd suddenly found myself in need of a sash for a night on the town.

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