Wednesday, May 6, 2009

HBO Picks Up Treme, David Simon's New Orleans Project

As reported by various sources, Treme is a go. More info here:

There are differing accounts regarding the schedule, with a fall 2009 premiere being mentioned by some and spring 2010 being predicted by others. As much as David Simon fans would love to have only a six month wait to view his latest series, next spring makes far more sense considering that the pilot episode is the only one in the can as of now.

Some tidbits from the Hollywood Reporter article to give a quick idea regarding the show:

"Treme" is a post-Katrina-themed drama that chronicles the rebuilding of New Orleans through the eyes of local musicians. [snip]

Despite featuring "Wire" alums Pierce and Peters, people expecting the same show will be disappointed, Simon said.

"This is not a 'Wire' redo with a New Orleans soundtrack," he said. "It's more of a character study looking at people trying to reconstruct their lives after their city has been destroyed and at a city that [is] a living, breathing organism."

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