Monday, September 14, 2009

This Love

is like celebrating the Fourth of July with dynamite.

What a fantastic show at Cat's Cradle Sunday night. Son Volt impressed me by being much more energetic (and rocking and LOUDER) than I thought they'd be given the more subdued nature of the new album. With the exception of some tuning problems on a couple of songs near the end of the first set, an incredible show. Overall, the band was tight, and I loved the effect on certain songs of having both pedal steel and lap steel. As I say, a pretty raucous affair.

But it was the opening act that blew me away. Sera Cahoone is out of Seattle and is currently with Sub Pop. It was just her on her acoustic (and occasional harmonica) and her pedal steel player, Jason Kardong. I'm a sucker for pedal steel, so I normally would have focused on that sound during her set, but this woman has an astounding voice. Crystal clear. Strong. Striking. Definitely worth checking out. I bought both of her CDs last night (both of her solo CDs, I should specify, since she's been in other bands over the years) and am excited to discover how she sounds accompanied by her full band.

Quite a number of videos of her on YouTube. Here's one of her playing live with her full band.

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