Saturday, March 31, 2012

Austin, TX

Okay, so who here is familiar with Austin?  I'm in town for a short period and this is my first visit, so I don't care to screw around and waste time.  Toward that end, I've sketched out a partial agenda based upon a long list of recommendations from someone who once lived here for many years. 

After checking into hotel, I was pointed to the a great Tex-Mex place for lunch.  This place wasn't on The List, but no matter: relaxing after a long morning of air travel with a beer, fish tacos, and a margarita, I was now prepared to start exploring Austin.

I headed straight for 6th Street, which, according to The List's author, is the center I'd all that is Cool in the universe.

Holy cripes, I felt like I was walking Atlantic Ave in VA Beach or Decatur/Bourbon in NOLA.  It was trashy and geared toward tourists and frat boys (with apologies to frat members who probably -- and likely with good reason -- resent that stereotype).  It was just loud and obnoxious and absolutely contrived.

So, the question is this: Has the 6th St area undergone a significant and horrible transformation in the last few years or has that strip been this way for a long while, a fact that might well The List in its entirety in serious doubt.

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