Monday, January 19, 2009

Alllrrriiight !!!

The forecast is for a good snow in the Raleigh area on Tuesday. If this proves out, it will be my first real snow since moving here in late 2007. With any luck, folks around here are nervous enough about snow that my wish to sit on my rear end in my favorite chair while drinking frothy adult beverages and watching the inauguration festivities just might come true. Hope, indeed.

I love snow. Can't possibly get enough. As I've gotten older, I find that I don't like the bitter cold as much as used to, but I'm still a kid when it comes to snow. So this little bit of hopeful news about a winter storm watch is worthy of my first blog post. (Just don't tell my boss, please.)

Watching the snow and the Obama inauguration. It'll be like Christmas all over again. Except far more enjoyable. And no family. No Chinese food, either, probably.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: This morning's forecast called for two to four inches of snow. They've upped that estimate this evening to THREE TO FIVE INCHES! We're gonna be snowed-in for weeks!!! Oh, I only wish. I've got a pile of books here that would probably get me through an exceptionally bad North Dakota winter.

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