Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Since I moved from the Washington, DC, area in 2007, I don't believe that I've once missed the area. Sure, there have been some things about DC that I miss, such as the great mass transit system (DCers love to complain about WMATA, and rightfully so in some instances, but it's still a great service that most people elsewhere in the country would love to have), but I've never regretted being in Raleigh.

Until the last few days.

Despite the road and bridge closures and the restrictions and the crowds, I'd love to be in the area right now just to feel the energy.

A friend sent out a report regarding her trip into the city on Sunday. Now, I ask you, just exactly how cool is this?

So! I actually made it to the concert at the Lincoln Memorial yesterday. Went with my 26 year old friend J---. It was just the two of us because his wife O--- (she is Belorussian SP?; they met 3 years ago when J--- was in the Peace Corps in the Ukraine and married two years ago) works at a hotel so she is on duty at this busy time!!

I took Metro to their apartment which is across the Potomac from Georgetown. We then walked along the river to the Roosevelt Bridge (Memorial Bridge was closed for security) and then made our way down the mall and watched on giant screens near the Washington Monument. It was INCREDIBLE. Not too cold (30s) and TONS of people....all ages, races and nationalities.....heard lots of European accents. Everyone so happy. Whenever the cameras would flash on "Barry" watching the concert the crowd would just start cheering.

Then we made our way back to Georgetown.... lots of streets closed so we could walk in the streets. Pedestrian Power! Had a bite to eat at a little Italian bistro .... ended up chatting at the bar with this very nice guy who was the boyfriend (gay) of the owner so we will definitely be back. Yummy food and comfortable ambiance. After our respite we walked back to Jeff's and I hopped on the Metro and went home. Got back around 9PM. I was exhausted!! Alot of walking and standing but sooooo fun.

Staying close to home today and tomorrow will probably watch the swearing in on tv and then head in to DC later in the afternoon to observe all the Inaugural Ball attendees.

It's a great time to live in Washington!!
Enjoy the moment, whether you're braving the crowds in DC, watching from home, or sneaking occasional glaces during the workday.

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