Friday, January 30, 2009

Stimulus Package And Tax Cuts

I'm being forced to rethink my position on Obama's stimulus package. With tonight's revelations about Daschle's little IRS issue, it's becoming clear that the Democrats also believe that additional tax cuts are necessary. But instead of pushing for rate reductions as opposed to increased spending, the Dems have simply been refusing to pay what they owe. Or rather, they don't pay until they find themselves facing the prospect of Senate confirmation.

At this time, Marion Barry still hasn't filed for his 2007 federal or DC taxes. Instead of hauling him before the judge yet again, I suggest that Obama nominate Barry for an important position someplace: that seems to result in the resolution of all manner of tax and general legal confusion. Surprisingly, or serendipitously, really, from what I can gather, Obama has not yet named any nominees to head either the Drug Enforcement Agency or the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

(Oh, come on now, no need to be upset about this or think that I've become a Dittohead: I kid because I love!)

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