Monday, February 2, 2009

No, They Do Not Jam Econo

UPDATE (4 Feb): The eBay auction for the Minor Threat EP that I had mentioned on Monday has ended. The winning bid was $1,313. Holy crap!!

In my record hunting efforts, I pass on 99% of the interesting stuff I find because the items are just too damn expensive: I've been paying between $2 and $5 apiece for most everything so far, with a couple for $10 exceptions.

The overpriced items that kill me are the ones for punk records, especially for the DC hardcore bands. On eBay, I'm seeing 7" singles by Minor Threat and Government Issue going for $30, $50, and $100. There's even a Minor Threat 7" currently sitting at $510 with 14 bids.

I understand basic economics, so it doesn't surprise me that some folks are willing to pay $500 for a rare Beatles album. But this is PUNK, fer chrissake! Folks are blowing that kind of money for an album by a band that rebelled against that very sort of excess. Either these people are not fans of the band or they have no sense of irony (or just no sense, period). I have to think that Ian MacKaye would not be flattered by your spending that kind of money for one of his albums; no, I truly believe that he would likely knock you upside your head.

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