Friday, February 20, 2009

Well, Never Mind Then

OK, I just deleted a recent post because I have reason to believe that the information I'd been given was, um, let's just say it may not have been totally accurate. I'd known at the time that it might not be 100% right, but I trusted the general sense... had believed that the gist of the message was on-target. Now I find out from folks who know more than I do, that, well, maybe not so much.


Never mind.

(Although I stick by one thing I'd written in that post: you have to see 28 Days Later, if you haven't already. For that matter, watch 28 Weeks Later, as well.)

(And having nothing to do with anything: Snakes & Arrows, the latest Rush album, is just all kinds of excellent. Significant portions of it [e.g., right from the start, "Far Cry"] sound like something they might have put out 30 years ago.)

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